Sports Ground

At Veda Degree College we believe in giving as much importance to sports as we do to studies. To facilitate the process of learning and all round development of our students personality, we provide indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

The campus boasts of two Pool tables accessible to students throughout the day. They are well equipped and maintained by trained staff. Ideally located near the cafeteria; students can access them during session breaks and lunch breaks. It offers an opportunity for students to bond among themselves and with the staff, and de stress in the process.

Cricket, considered a religion in India, is considered so in Veda Degree College too! Members of the staff and students indulge in friendly matches from time to time and participate in inter-college competitions as well. Students are provided with the professional kits to practice.

Sports form an integral part of life at Veda Degree College. Those who make it to the teams, play. Those who do not, keep trying. And the rest, cheer. And hurrah. And laugh. And cry. We are one big family when it comes to our games.

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